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Introduction to the classification of common aluminum profiles

07-18, 2022 / in News / by LYJL

We all know that industrial aluminum alloy profiles are non-ferrous metal structural materials, which are commonly used in industrial industries, such as aerospace, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, ships, building decoration and other industries. According to the different industries and materials used, common industrial aluminum alloy profiles include electrophoretic aluminum profiles, alumina profiles, rare earth foam aluminum profiles, and architectural aluminum profiles.

1. Electrophoretic aluminum profile

Electrophoresis aluminum profile is to use aluminum oxide material as anode, and place it in water-soluble latex, with direct current. A paint film protective layer is artificially formed on the surface of the oxide film to form an electrophoretic aluminum profile. Electrophoretic aluminum profiles have better hardness and impact resistance of the paint film, and can withstand 3H and above aluminum pen characterization. And it has good corrosion resistance, long service life, delicate hand feel, and a variety of colors to choose from.

aluminum alloy

2. Alumina profiles

Alumina profile is to use the substrate as an anode, place it in the electrolyte solution, and artificially form an oxide protective film on the surface of the substrate to form an alumina profile. It has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hardness, and rich colors. Commonly used in various construction and industrial industries.

3. Rare earth foam aluminum profiles

Rare earth foam aluminum profile is a new type of engineering material integrating physical function and structure. It is used in noise reduction and shock absorption, separation engineering, thinning carrier, shielding protection, energy absorption buffer and other industries.

aluminum alloy

4. Construction aluminum profiles

Architectural aluminum profiles are made of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials. They are often made by the state and then go through cold bending, sawing, drilling, assembly, etc. Made by coloring and other processes. It is used in industrial machinery and equipment, machine safety fences, car partitions, building roofs, walls, doors and windows, skeletons, furniture, railings and handrails.

The above is all the introduction about the types of aluminum profiles. Different types of aluminum have different application ranges and their functions are also different. It is recommended that you choose according to your needs when choosing.

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