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3004/3104 Series Aluminum Alloy Strip

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3004/3104 Series Aluminum Alloy Strip


Mainly used for can cover, lamp, back board of plasma and LCD TV and so on.

Product Features

1.Stable mechanical properties and good ductility; for can cover stock, it can meet requirements for can cover punching with very small earing; for back board stock , no crack after punching 1cm convex hull, no warping after cutting small panels

2.Good shape and flatness, no edge wave or middle wave that may affect coating, no edge warping caused by slitting;

3.Better surface quality, clean and flat surface, free of corrosive spot, wrinkle, non-metallic roll-in, scratch, oil stain, impact, or other defects

Material properties

Alloy/Temper Transverse Tensile Strength Transverse Elongation Remark
3004(B)Can Cover H38 255~270 ≥7.0 For transverse and longitudinal tensile test, the difference between the tensile strength is 15 Mpa or less.
3004(C)Can Cover H38 ≥280 ≥5.0 The difference between the longitudinal and transverse elongation is 2% or less.
Alloy Temper Performance Data
Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation
3104 back board stock 0 70-90 170-190 ≥21

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